Illustration Friday: Captain.

Captain Of Your Heart.


My first Illustration Friday entry and my first shot at using a pen tool to illustrate in Photoshop CS. The image is a little small as initially I started with a really small working space to give the pen tool a try.

I personally think it’s not good enough and it’s kind of embarassing to post this up but I wouldn’t want to delete away my first illustration using only a pen tool.  

Still lots more rooms for improvements.


About Johnne

Jonathan is the name but just call me Johnne.


  1. yuanshan, it’s stars are blue luh. pls lah…i’m nt johnne k. hehehexD
    by the way, captain of whose heart huh? lolxP

  2. yingz

    haha… dun tink so low bout urself… the drawing is very quite nice…
    i cant even do tis kind of ting..haha… so be proud and not embarass bout it…

  3. CHERI

    heyys. it’s nice ok! LOL. i cant even draw like this can. u dumb! SOD ROCKS!

  4. Esz

    Its not a bad drawing at all – You’ll get the hang of the pen tool in no time. If you have Illustrator CS you should try that out.

    (PS – I love green too ;-P)

  5. You’ll get a hang of the pen tool. Just don’t give up. And I too suggest Illustrator for drawing. I post beginner stuff that I’m doing all the time. I think people will enjoy watching you get better and better. The important thing is that you’re creating.

  6. johnne is a stalker! *gasps*

  7. debraa

    randomly,i imagined u with a goatee!

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