Heavy Breakfast.

Woke up like really early today. 5a.m. Cravings called for half-boiled eggs. And so I decided to have the traditional breakfast downstairs. Half-boiled eggs, toast bread, and a cup of milo to go with it. Haven’t had these in a long while.  

..But it wasn’t enough. So I had another round of breakfast by adding two large boiled potatoes to fill my stomach. And so, I headed to school and I’m stuck here.



About Johnne

Jonathan is the name but just call me Johnne.


  1. lets have potato galore for breakfast some day 😛

  2. when have you got sucha good camera !
    and omg, been days since i saw youu.
    dont u miss me & others!

  3. yuanshan

    you makes me hungry! And i thought u’re fasting sia, faizal?

  4. Relfy

    oh u changed blog o.o

  5. Angiee – Yes please! Potatoes for life!
    Yuwen – It’s my camera phone lah, probably due to the lighting lah. MISS Y’ALL!
    YuanShan – Tak fast. MAKE YOU HUNGRY!
    Relfy – Yup baby. Miss you!

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