Late Nights


This seems to happen at least once every week. Pockets burned, destroying of lungs, messing up with the body clock, guilty pleasures, dancing like a retard, and trying hard to impress. Luckily, I still got with clique with me to have fun together.

..But I think I need to take a hiatus from this lifestyle. It’s getting a little boring but I guess I’m still addicted to it. Though I mentioned hiatus, I know my mind would somehow tell me to gimme more again and I guess it is kind of impossible to take a break from it.

PS: My three lovely bowenian babes, you guys should go with me soon again too!



About Johnne

Jonathan is the name but just call me Johnne.


  1. seems like a advertisement picture for alcoholic drinks!
    LOL. alright, i can make it soooon,
    and why mention bowenians only! omg.
    are you sure ure gona be on hiatus my dear?

  2. fuck. i love ur font.
    tell me whats that font.
    gimme gimme more gimme more gimme gimme more

  3. dont call us bowenians babes,i rather be called Ah mui.
    Alrights,would join u guys,or maybe u need to move to another clubbing place.

  4. huiqun

    *raise my armpit high up* i am BOWENIAN BABE.

  5. Bamboo ben


  6. What can I say.. you’re still HOT!! Happy to see that this sexy is having wild night now~! Keep on rockin’!

  7. Yuwen – Calibri, you know it already right? Hahaha.

    Debra – No.. I can’t move on. Hahaha.

    Felicia – Thanks sexy! Miss you man!

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