I woke up on time, just in time to prepare, head to school, and go through my second test. I would have done these if I hadn’t given in to my thoughts. The thought of rushing with the crowd and being squeezed inside the buses really turns me off. Therefore, I decided to stay disconnected from the real world despite the fact that there is a test today, by continue lying on my bed.

Hours later, I received a text from Yuwen stating that Kenneth and Debra are coming down to Republic Polytechnic to pay us a visit. So, I dragged myself out of the bed and head down to Compass Point to grab my Starbucks before heading down to Republic Polytechnic to welcome Kenneth and Debra to my school. So, that probably sums up my typical day today. 

Fuck. I got my first virgin “D” grade from my Enterprise Facilitator despite staying throughout the three meetings. That’s demoralizing. Maybe I stop giving in to her and bring myself together and fight back for the grades I desire. But I’m still going to skip her lesson tomorrow. I need a break.

PS: Yuwen, I’m still holding your cig. You won’t be able to smoke until Thursday. Don’t be a desperate and take cigs from your friends tomorrow, alright? Haha!


About Johnne

Jonathan is the name but just call me Johnne.


    i’ll get it from others tmr of cos!
    omg. i believe that pack wil kinda spoil on thursday, but, urghh, u arent coming to school ! tsk.

    see you on thursday !

  2. debra

    wont sei gor lahhhh. stupid chimmey bitch.,

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