I met up with Peiying and Kenneth today at late night.


I was tempted to dye my hair as I haven’t been doing so for almost two years. So, I bought a dark shade of brown to color my hair. Seems like my hair has absorbed the chemical more than what I expected and my black hair resulted in a lighter shade of brown. Some parts were also uneven. Worse of all, this color totally makes me look like some uneducated low class cheap loser “Ah Beng” (Gangster). I hate to whine but it’s really ugly. I really regretted dying my hair all by myself.

…And now I seriously feel like getting a buzz cut though I know I won’t look good in it.



About Johnne

Jonathan is the name but just call me Johnne.

One comment

  1. tag! my first time on your blog. heh!
    colour your hair black!

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