This work was produced on second attempt by playing around with the pen tool in Photoshop. The pen tool is hard to play around with I would say as it is only my second time. Sometimes, it even goes out of control. This piece of work might look like it was done effortlessly but it did took me some time and effort to produce it.

Recently, I’ve been really tempted to do something. That’s why I did this illustration to portray temptation. Of course I’m not tempted by a forbidden green apple or something like that. I am tempted by something else. Tracks of Britney’s new album, Blackout, has been surfaced on the internet (Yeah, I know they are already on the virtual world for quite a while already and I’ve been tempted for a long while.) and it makes me just want to hit the play button to listen to all her tracks. As much as my heart wanted it, I still managed to walk away from the situation by not listening to it. So, three more days until Blackout hits the store and I trust that I can resist my temptation to play the tracks on the internet. Of course I know I can. It is better to listen to the whole album smoothly without any buffering and distractions. 

So, in this piece of illustration I’ve created, it just simply shows temptation of a little boy wanting to take the green apple yet at the same time on the surface, he doesn’t want to and he knows that he isn’t suppose to eat the apple (let’s put in a scenario here alright?) until his sister is home to share the apple with, if not it will turn bad if he started eating the apple halfway. Deep down inside, he really wants it. But can he resist the temptation?

(Okay, I don’t know if I am really making any sense because it’s 5:37a.m. now and my brain doesn’t function well. So, I’ll leave it up to you to see how you want to interpret it. However, the image pretty much speaks for itself, isn’t it?) 

To view the full size image, proceed to my Deviantart domain. The link is on your right.


About Johnne

Jonathan is the name but just call me Johnne.


  1. deb

    real cute, does the boy have a name?

  2. Dylon

    Asshole, you did it so well. the pic is so nice la

  3. secretivehideout

    eeeeeee. act cute!

  4. Haha, he doesn’t have a name. – Debra
    I did not use that to do it. Ha. – Dylon
    I’m not acting cute my lovely. – Miss Y.

  5. lovefifi

    Yes, I can so feel the temptation. GAWD! U’re good, sexay~ MUACKS!

  6. Lol, nah, I’m still a rookie.

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