..Now tell me who I really am.

Nice yet unpleasant.

Envy yet prideful.

Content yet unhappy.

Enthuse yet listless.

Lighthearted yet serious.

Humorous yet dull.

 ..Now tell me who I really am. 

Mixture of the opposites coming together forming into one character. Confused. Struggling to discover oneself, or is all that mixtures who you really are? Now tell me who I really am.

Okay, I know this is really random but I spent some time reflecting on myself which then I turned the reflections into a sketch. And I just felt like developing my sketch into a random digital doodle. So here you go. The full size of this image can be found on my DeviantArt page.

Oh! You don’t have to tell me who I really am. That whole thing above is just to go along with the image I’ve doodled digitally. And I’m too embarrassed to upload my initial sketch here because it’s really ugly.



About Johnne

Jonathan is the name but just call me Johnne.


  1. ur drawing is so cute lah!! =D
    everyone will have mixed feelings in themselves..
    u are not the only one.. no worries!!
    *smile* =)

  2. Felicia

    Sexay, you are who you are from the your heart. So follow what your heart says and give your hear a chance to speak. Okay?
    *loads of HUGSss & KISSESss*

    -I’m here-

  3. BenZ


  4. yuanshan

    ben is funny huh.

    just flooding ur comments with my big name:P

  5. the SEXY GORGEOUS LOVELY clique is gona love you
    no matter which side you are. ❤

  6. debraaa

    U are HOT. period.

  7. lester

    i think that is really nice and it pretty much sums up whatever you wanna say. haha.

  8. Thanks you guys! I really appreciate all the comments and feedbacks that you guys have given me when it comes to my work. It works as a booster to my confidence on my designs/doodles.

    And it makes me happy to see this amount of comments recieved. (:

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