Still here.

Just to let you guys know I’m still here. It’s just that I have been busy or should I say lazy. 


Thoughts are whirling in my mind; the sloth in me is neglecting the sketchbook behind. And gosh, can you just tell I’m just trying to make this rhyme?

I’ve wanted to do some doodles/sketches on my thoughts on life but I’ve been really lazy. School starts today and I haven’t gotten any wink yet and I can’t get any anyways as its five-fifty a.m.

PS: Buddy, if you’re reading, I just want to compliment you that you’re a really sweet girl! 


About Johnne

Jonathan is the name but just call me Johnne.


  1. eileen

    i miss this boy here too. (:

  2. hey johnne!!
    thx for tagging! hahaha!
    anw..juz wana let u noe dat my laptop is ALRITE!!
    woo-hoo!! gd news for u thr huh?
    if nt……..u noe wad u’re supposed to do!!

  3. CHERI

    JOHNNE BOY SIAL. =DD lazy bum. HAHA.

  4. Eileen – Hahaha. MISS!!
    Yanna – Phew, if not I have to kill Itik for you.
    Cheri – You’re a lazy girl too! Dont say me!

  5. lovefifi

    Much misses~! HUGS and KISSES!

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