Illustration Workshop


Above are works done in the illustration workshop I’ve attended in school. 2 more weeks to go until the workshop ends and hopefully I’ll acquire more new skills and knowledge from it.

These are not very well done I would say, due to limited time. Could have been done better at home but I’m too lazy to redo or edit them. So yeah, here are the works I have done. There’s more but I didn’t save it. LAZY!


About Johnne

Jonathan is the name but just call me Johnne.


  1. Whats with the week one ? Amoeba ? LMAO
    and the week two is ur dream look isit !
    green framed specs, green eyes, shaped beard( or watever u call that) and BLONDIE! LMAO

  2. Not really. Random doodle then made it to look like flower or something. Kinda pointless but we were just learning to play around with the tools and effects.

    Dream look, I wonder. Haha. Well, kinda. But I wouldn’t look good blond. I wanted black hair but it would look weird.

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