Illustration Friday: Superstition


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Here’s an illustration on superstition on black cats portraying a guy who is very superstitious and freaks out when he sees a black cat as he was told it brings bad luck. Well, the illustration pretty much says it all. So, comments anyone? And it also appears to be that this is my first illustration without any tinge of green in it. I know this piece of illustration look effortless but I swear I have place in time and sweat for this. Right, so enough whining from me already and that’s it! Oh! I don’t hate cats, just in case if you misunderstood me.


About Johnne

Jonathan is the name but just call me Johnne.


  1. lol i can see influcences of japanese anime here.. nice job!

  2. Japanese Anime? Hmm, I don’t watch them and didn’t thought of any Japanese Animation when sketching this.
    But anyways, thanks for the comment! (:

  3. I really like it! Very clever and a great style!

  4. Hey there!
    Thanks! I appreciate it (:

  5. omg, i love the expression on his face!

  6. Hi Johnne,nice work….cool style…

    thanks for poppping by and checking out my work too…


  7. is that jaw dropping?…
    though there isn’s any green…
    but is nice! =D

  8. Hey Murphy girl, thanks! Love your take on that too but can’t seem to comment on your site as I don’t own a blogger account.

    Diana, thank you too!

    Jinman, hey girl! Yeah it is. Haha. Thanks!

  9. yiwen

    Ohmygod! Is nice lah!Haha..*clap clap*

  10. deb

    this is really cool,i like it alot. the persona of the whole pic. blog more too baby!

  11. Ha! Great stuff. I love it.


  13. Hey Yiwen, it’s nothing man but thanks!
    I will Debra and thank you! Miss you man, it’s been awhile.
    The Uknown, thank you!
    Ben, Not pro at all. Haha.

    Thanks guys, appreciate all the comments.

  14. Jing Kang

    why dun have dog one? i prefer dog.. next time i want dog pics! hahahas.. but nice la! hahas.. keep drawing bitch!

  15. kim

    What a fun post! Even though it looks easy, I bet it took a long time.

  16. JingKang – There is no superstition for black dogs. Lol.
    Kim – Thanks! (:

  17. very interesting. the cat looked pissed off and the boy’s jaw is so squarish…nice one.

  18. I love black cats. And I like how the cat seems to be smirking at him 😛

  19. Dalilah – Hey thanks! Haha, yeah, the cat is somehow pissed by his stupid, childish and superstitious behavior. Lol.

    Jolene – You always love cats! Haha, I love your cats.

  20. Nice stuff, thanks for sharing.

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