What have you accomplished?


Here’s another doodle reflecting on life. 

So, let me interpret this doodle of mine a little bit. Basically, it’s two people with the same age and one has better accomplishments and things achieved than the other. In other words, one is more successful than the other. So, the other one just stands there envy the one with accomplishments.I’ve been dwelling on this a lot lately. People with the same age as me have better accomplishments already. Some are already generating income on their interest. What am I doing? I guess it’s nothing to be proud of being eighteen especially when you have no accomplishments or anything under your belt. 

So, if you just got a year older, what have you accomplished?


About Johnne

Jonathan is the name but just call me Johnne.


  1. Dylon


  2. deb

    i become more sportier and more lovable.LOL.
    n one year has passed and my lovely sexy johnne is growing to be a SUCCESSFUL and sexy man!

  3. No doubt about what you’ve become my dear but I miss your long hair soft self.

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