Read Your Mind.


(Better Quality Here)

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could see through what people are thinking time over time, or just perhaps their interest(s) at first sight? Sometimes, it’s just so frustrating to try to think what the opposite party is thinking or just to interpret what their thoughts are through their conversations/activities with you. 

Whoever who said some things are better left unsaid should be tortured! 

Well, but I guess it wouldn’t be nice all the time as I wouldn’t want others to see what I’m thinking as well. 

..But oh my! Just tell me what you’re thinking! Because the more you say, the more I’m at ease. 


About Johnne

Jonathan is the name but just call me Johnne.


  1. viv

    your pic iso cute la.. does tat camera tryin to hint on jeff’s cam? loL

  2. No no. That tag on his is random one. Hahaha. I drew this long time ago but decided to color it today.

  3. yuanshan

    so like the sylar in heroes! the scene of slicing apart the forehead!!! waaa.


  4. Dylon

    this pic is damn niceee. will be nicer if you accompany me to the open house you shithead.

  5. CHERI

    LOL. yeahs yuanshan! i so totally agree with you! SYLAR SUCKS! and PETER PETRILLI ROCKS! oh ya, and johnne rocks too! and you bitch, stop scaring me and yuanshan la! later we both HEART ATTACK can. TSKKKKKKK.

  6. Yuanshan&Cheri – Lol. What is Sylar? And what is Peter Petrilli?
    Dylon – Doesn’t make any sense. =P

  7. Dylon


    You owe me one pleaseeee. now return it back to me! 😦

  8. lovefifi

    Whose mind, sexay?? ^_^??

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