Piece of Me.

You didn’t actually think I was so stupid/emo (Gee, how much I hate that word) to actually cut myself did you? That was done using a red marker and my 6B pencil. I don’t know how many of you have done this before but this was what my fellow classmates and I were always up to in primary school fooling other people. Those around my age probably had made fake cuts too back in primary school days. I think it’s funny to trick people and see their reactions. But soon, everyone found the secret in making the artificial wounds and it was no more fun. 

I don’t get how some people can actually cut themselves but I’d give them a ten for their courage and a hundred for their stupidity. I tried it once way back years ago when I was upset and depressed with I don’t know what reasons, but I didn’t manage to bring myself to do it. I brought the penknife near to my wrists a couple of times but I just couldn’t slice myself for some weird reasons. Besides, results of such actions will leave me ugly scars on my hands and think of it from a scientific point of view, bacteria! So I’m thankful I didn’t do it. A wimp some might say but I rather be called one than be called stupid. 

Anyways, back on track, the artificial wounds is just for fun. Other than the artificial wounds, I bet many of you would remember this! I used to have a hard time washing this off after I got sick and tired playing with it. I name this thing, Rosemary. Ha-ha!  

And okay, forget Rosemary for now. Check this new video out! Its Britney’s new single, Piece of Me. I’m loving it!

Click Here!


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Jonathan is the name but just call me Johnne.


  1. lovefifi

    I admit! I did that before. Not only once. Yes. I’m the 100stupidity person. 😦

    GOSH!!! Britney is HOT!!! I love this single!!!

  2. Ahh, you know I mean no harm. But you wouldn’t do that now will you? We only did that when we were childish but now, I’m sure you wouldn’t do that anymore because you’re STRONGER! Rawr! Haha.

    Yes. I absolutely love this video. I think its so much better than Gimme More and I see more effort. Heh, glad you like it.

  3. hahas!!!
    rosemarry’s lips is hot! >.<
    sexy huh?! LOLS

  4. Haha! It’s so hard to wash her lipsticks off! I still can’t get it off until now. Some lipsticks (markers) remover for me please!

  5. leen

    the rosemary’s so funnyyy!!! WAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  6. Rosemary look like you.

  7. hahahs!!!
    u too bored lah! LOLs XD

  8. Maybe you were right! Hahaha

  9. leen

    nahhhh.. look more like ur future wife. =D

  10. Your future best friend! 😀

  11. leen

    OHGOSH. definitely not!!

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