Primary School.

Heavy bags, high waist pants, cheap green metal fences.

That was how it was like back then in Primary School. 

Another rushed piece of cartoon. Actually, I don’t quite like how I rendered this piece. I’m just so lazy to do a proper illustration. And I’m also very lazy to tone them. 

I don’t know about you but I remember myself squeezing all the Semester 1 to 4 books in my school bag when I was in the first year (in fact for about two/three years) of Primary School. Thankfully I didn’t do this after the third year. If not, I guess I would have a hunchback now. 

I also remember myself bringing my heavy bag to the weighing machine as a challenge to see whose bag was the heaviest with other big school bags classmates of mine. Mine weight about six kilograms. My memory of the challenge is too vague to remind myself if I had won or not. 

I miss those innocent and naïve times in Primary School.


About Johnne

Jonathan is the name but just call me Johnne.


  1. leen

    not green anymore? HA!

  2. Blue on the surface, still GREEN on the inside. Haha!

  3. viv

    i thot i enter the wrong blog la!!
    so bluuueyyyyy.. oMG. so not u.

  4. deb

    why is the boy botak?

    my bag was some cartoon one(probably sailormoon) hehe.

  5. Viv – I know! Haha but this looks neater. Just that its blue.

    Deb – I wanted to do bowl cut center parting but it doesn’t suit him. Mine was power ranger I think.

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