So it’s Boxing Day today. I don’t think people practice this anyways. I wouldn’t be that patient to wait a day or two to open my gifts. Anyway, I didn’t felt Christmas was here and I did not have the festive mood for this Christmas thing. I also didn’t have the mood to send out greeting cards and text messages for this occasion. Still, I had great company with my clique on the 23rd night for a pre-Christmas eve celebration with booze and food. We countdown to Christmas eve, unlike many, who do it for Christmas day. Still, loving it as the company was great.

But honestly, Christmas meh?

And I still can’t believe it’s actually December now! 2007 is coming to an end man, what have I accomplished? Nothing. It’s time to lay down some new year resolutions, Johnne. And stop procrastinating will you please? (Mm, typing this to myself looks really stupid and childish)


About Johnne

Jonathan is the name but just call me Johnne.

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