I got really tired and fed up with the blue I see over here, so, I decided to change the layout with a new green header. And I also brought back my little (huge, actually) dung mascot for the header.

. . . . .

Colors, colors, what’s your favorite color? I remember I had to like blue back in Primary School to fit into with most of the people as majority of them love blue extremely. Besides, it’s usually a boy’s color. But to be honest, I never liked blue. I did so to fit in. So when my fellow peers asked me what my favorite color was, I would exclaim “BLUE”, with my fingers crossed. Right, as if a seven-year-old naïve Singaporean boy back in the nineties would knew what fingers crossed meant. I didn’t actually crossed my fingers but I just lied and I knew green was the color that I’d been in love with since a little boy.

Colors aside, in reality, we have to actually put up a fake front in many situations to blend in, for convenience’s sake and etcetera. The only time you can let your hair down and be yourself is when you are with your best group of buddies (my sexy lovely gorgeous clique for my case), alone, and/or with your family members.


About Johnne

Jonathan is the name but just call me Johnne.


  1. i still use to the green johnne! HAHAS XD

  2. u like green ar?
    dan iguess u will love army. lol.

    u used the word naive often? iread 2 of ya entries n the word came out like 100times. lol. no la… just 2 times. =) primary sch. heavy bag entry & tis entry. =p

  3. And I’m always used to the Pink JinMan (:

    Haha. I use the word, cliché, more. Well, I don’t know actually.

  4. lovefifi

    So am I one of the gorgeous sexy friends..

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