Love Tragedy

Feelings devoted, life’s restricted, so committed.
Kept giving and giving, without any reciprocal,
You have nothing more to give. 

You’re stuck and struck by the name of love.
And you know that this is all just a Love Tragedy.

I hope you’ll break free.


Not trying to create any poem or literature piece or try to pen any song but this is just my two cents worth on the topic of love. Or just something that I went through that I’d like to share. Seems like love never work for me which explains myself carrying the title of singlehood for so long like almost my whole life of eighteen years. It’s not like I need love too (because I have sufficient love from my sexy lovely gorgeous friends) but you all should know how it feels to be lonely at times while your friends are out with their other half.  Well, try linking the text above with the illustration and hopefully you’ll know what I’m trying to interpret.  

And I think I listened to my inner-self/soul/brain and broke free from my obsession.

Life’s short and we’re on year two thousand and eight already. So, let’s just move on.



About Johnne

Jonathan is the name but just call me Johnne.


  1. viv

    hoho.. so arty in love eh.. loL..
    can i have ur pic:)
    so meaningful sial..

  2. Of course la.
    Thanks eh, err, for the support 😀

  3. viv

    hahaha..u’re welcome!!

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