What would you do when you lose items which are dear to you? Guess what I saw at the bus stop while I was on the way to meet my friends yesterday? I thought this approach would only be available for missing people and pets, but I was wrong. I thought that this was kind of interesting and somehow funny.  

The picture ruins the blog’s overall look. So..

(Why don’t you click here to view?) 

“Dear Passerby, If found a “Elle Paris” black color wallet, pls (please) kindly return to Wdls (Woodlands) bus interchange!” On the side, it wrote “Thanks for reading! Lost Wallet in 169 Bus.” 

This yellow “ad” was stick onto one of the pillar at the bus stop opposite my school and it caught my attention. The green one somehow landed on the floor which I believed some random evil people tore it from the pillar and threw it on the floor.  I wish the person who posted this ad up luck. 


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