I’ve been complaining and complaining that I’ve ran out of ideas to actually draw anything and post it here. But, the truth is I have plenty of them. It’s just so happen that sometimes when you have the idea(s) and inspiration(s), you try to bring out by drawing it but apparently you weren’t able to portray it like how your mind visualizes it. And I bet a lot of you artists/designers out there know how frustrating this is.  If only there was a device which prints directly from your brain. But if there is one, there wouldn’t be any more jobs for the artists/designers.  

The full size for this image is available on my DeviantArt profile though the image is clear despite resizing it down.


About Johnne

Jonathan is the name but just call me Johnne.


  1. I love your art! Creativity is very interesting. It takes the right mindset to free yourself to get what is in your mind to paper. Relaxing and trusting in the process is key, don’t get hung up on the results.
    Often times what I am seeing in my minds eye and what ends up on paper are different, however what ends on paper is still of value and sometimes, when I choose to step back and accept what I have created, is better that what I saw in my mind.

  2. Wow, not only are your posts motivating and inspiring, your comments are really encouraging too!
    Thanks! I guess I really needed that reassurance. Thank you!

  3. there is a new PINK ipod?! HAHAHAS

  4. Yes, go Apple.com.sg to check it out 😀

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