Cliché 001

Pinch, punch, first day of the month! Chinese New Year is drawing near and that means you’ll be praying to get lots of money for this month! Valentine’s Day is thereafter but I wish it wouldn’t come.  

Anyway, since it’s a new month, I decided to add a new feature to my domain. And it’s called Cliché 101. So what is going to happen is that I’ll have 101 posts on the 101 clichés that you and I can think of. And I really meant you and me. You wouldn’t expect me to come up with 101 clichés alone do you? So feel free to comment on what you think is really cliché and I might just turn it into a doodle or two. So please, flood the comment box with what you might find cliché, be it a phrase, overused word, or whatever. So spam me with ideas please! With this feature, I’ll have more stuff to doodle and post and this way, I might improve further on my skills/creativity/whatever. 

And to kick Cliché 101 off, here is the first one.

Cliché 001: “Nothing is impossible”  

Sinking into the road 


Walking through walls 

If they say nothing is impossible, is walking through roads (sinking for this case?) and walls (and objects or maybe even humans) even possible to attain? Wait, some magicians did that but they are called magicians for a reason. I’m referring to like average humans like us. Before anyone shoots me that this is possible, I want people to tell me too that if nothing is impossible, can I make Pokémon come to life? But anyway, I’m not supposed to argue to the cliché sayings. I’m just supposed to draw the clichés. So there you have it. Two doodles of “nothing is impossible”.


About Johnne

Jonathan is the name but just call me Johnne.


  1. I’m just reminding everyone that please please spam me with what you think might be cliché to you. I only have like two more in mind? I need more ideas. Heh. Flood me people!

  2. debraaa

    cream of the crop. infautation. Disaster. Ingrown toetail.

  3. viv

    hey johnne..
    take note eh.. changed url 🙂

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