I Love Life! ..Right

Every day, I wake up hypnotizing myself that I love life (Of course, I don’t wake up, dig my nose, and tell myself that. Just for humor purposes only). But the fact is that I don’t. I’m going through this same old routine everyday because the school holidays are in. Gah! I need to invoke some new excitement in my life. I can’t quit whining how much I hate school holidays! There’ll be a couple of weeks more to go. HURRY!  

Anyway, this is a new illustration style I just tried out on Illustrator. I kind of like the textures and all. I mean, I love it now but I don’t know how I’ll see it a few days later. Some flaws in this piece though ‘cus I the program closed itself after some error which didn’t allow me to touch up. Thankfully, I had a screenshot of the whole thing so I got the image all trimmed out from the screenshot and here it is. 


About Johnne

Jonathan is the name but just call me Johnne.

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