Tomorrow, put off until tomorrow. I never once stop procrastinating. I’m supposed to post a new entry with any illustration that I could come up with. Or maybe just flip a few pages of my novel, my car license theory book, or maybe even my 3ds Max manual which is still wrapped in pretty plastic. No doubt that I’m kind of guilty about not fulfilling any of those but somehow, that feeling slips away along with time.

Tomorrow, what will happen tomorrow? How will science be like tomorrow? How will technology be like tomorrow? I wonder. Sometimes, I wish I was born later so that I could experience the best of technology and science. Or better yet, live longer since they always get better. Look at how much they have advanced from fifty years ago and now! How will life be like tomorrow? When will we be able to acquire teleportation? How will the buildings of tomorrow be like? When will we uncover the mysteries of Mars and the other planets? Will there ever be a new color tomorrow? I guess we’ll only have the answers to all these in the future of tomorrow.

I want to live until the end of time.


About Johnne

Jonathan is the name but just call me Johnne.

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