Sometimes I wonder how you always stay so vibrant. 


If you actually like this image, there is actually a desktop wallpaper I’ve created similar to this available for download. To access to it, click “Download” at the top of the page of the navigations. If you can’t find where it is, just click here. Let me know via any forms of communication if you actually use it! (: I’ll be creating more desktop wallpaper or other stuffs for downloads during my free time.  

The past few days.. 

So, I haven’t been updating for quite awhile. I guess I was being really lazy and I was really not motivated to draw. It was a chore to even open up Illustrator. So for the past few days, I’ve participated in the school camp for School of Technology for the Arts as a Student Leader, thereafter, I’ve attended my W34D class chalet and it was awesome. That explains why I have not been updating for quite awhile. My laptop wasn’t with me while I was at these events. 

Finally the school is reopening next Monday! I didn’t get my elective. Guess it wasn’t popular enough to open up a class for that elective. Oh well! I should have taken photography as my elective but I’m not really interested in it anyways. But let’s not dwell on it. 

I miss everyone! I miss my Sexy Lovely Gorgeous People (Debra, Yuwen, Huiqun, Peiying, Huizhi, Kenneth, Yingrui, and Jacqueline), W15E, W34D, and Peirce Secondary School.



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Jonathan is the name but just call me Johnne.


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    oh my gosh! i like~~~~~~~

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