Illustration Friday: Fail

In today’s hectic world of adulthood, our own time is always preoccupied with so many things that we actually fail to have some moments off solely for ourselves. And somehow, I would say that this fails us despite satisfying whatever that our time has been slot into. So, have some moments off exclusively to yourself, let your hair down, and love yourself more!


And if I actually don’t make any sense, I guess I have failed in delivering the illustration for my own topic. Thank you for picking my suggested word as a topic for this week but I have actually forgotten what I wanted to portray initially with the word ‘Fail’.


About Johnne

Jonathan is the name but just call me Johnne.


  1. Jing Kang

    johnne knows poetry sia!
    hahha.. awesome awesome.. hahas..
    i’ll wait for the “right time and the right line”
    good luck and go on doing great bitch! =D

  2. Johnne, congratulations on IF picking your topic. It’s a good one!
    I like your art again for this week. Great illustration as usual.

  3. debra

    Proud of u honey!

  4. CHERI

    SCARE ME TODAY!!! LMAO. anyway, was great seeing you la.

  5. HAHAHA!
    I will do it more often okay!

  6. you’ve FAILED to update regularly. you shld have learnt from me! im so successful. LMAO.

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