Illustration Friday: Wrinkles

I came home noticed my favorite t-shirt wrinkled and laid on the floor like a rag. I shifted my eyes up and saw this orange furry creature resting on it which appears to be something so resemblance to… It was my cat! The fact that my cat is actually resting on my favorite t-shirt and messing up my drawer instead of playing with the toys given gives me even more wrinkles and made me felt like screaming at her but her ignorant got herself out of trouble. Should she not be disciplined soon enough, I wouldn’t dare picture the lines on my face within a month.



About Johnne

Jonathan is the name but just call me Johnne.


  1. viv

    ah man.. he bull wan la.. u realli beleive he have a cat?! loL.. i dun believe!! hahaaha

  2. Nice illustration. Love the eyes. Yes, cats definitely have their own way with things when one is not looking!

  3. Jinman, Viv – 🙂

    Thanks Vandyke 🙂

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