Illustration Friday: Seed

Everyone in the class was given a seed for their science project. Three weeks later, the teacher requested everyone to bring back what they have sow in the pot for the presentation of the science project.


Flowers sprouted and blossomed on everyone’s pot except for Bobby’s. Bobby was upset as he watered it carefully everyday and gave the seed sufficient attention to ensure its growth. Bobby and the rest of the class did not know that the teacher had actually given all of them a bad seed each. All of his classmates have actually cheated by bringing flowers bought from stores planted onto their pot in hopes of impressing the teacher. Bobby thought he was really unlucky.


The teacher then announced whom she was most impressed with. Bobby’s name was called out and everyone was astonished!


“Bobby, you have sowed the seed of honesty in yourself”, said the teacher.


..But nobody knew what the teacher meant including Bobby, except the teacher herself. She has seen pure moral uprightness in Bobby and so have we.


About Johnne

Jonathan is the name but just call me Johnne.


  1. hahahaha…the story is so cute…lovely work…

  2. Thank you Diana 😀

  3. wasn’t my name bobby? HAHA
    so touching! you actually wrote a story about me!

  4. That’s me in the middle! 🙂

  5. Glad you can relate yourself to that 😀

  6. omg, so cutessssssssss.
    you’ve passed, i’ve failed.

  7. very nice story and art, johnne :-0

  8. Thank you Johanna 🙂

  9. kim

    cute story!!! and look at that sad little fellow… aww!

  10. Thanks Kim!
    Cant seem to comment on your illustrations as you’ve blocked anonymous comments 😦

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