June 11th

Instead of keeping this as a place to showcase my works, I’ve decided to maybe make this blog just a little more personal. I had wanted to post about my outing with my Sexys on June 11th but the picture only arrived yesterday from Kenneth’s camera. Thanks Kenneth Koh K. M.!


We went to Jurong Swimming Complex to indulge in water fun! The whole clique was there except for Debra, Huiqun and Miss Yuwen! Tsk! Debra joined us later for supper though but only Kenneth and I managed to stay throughout the whole day to enjoy Debra’s companionship. 


That’s it! I’ve been really lazy to draw. My sketchbook has been untouched for about three weeks or so. Sorry if you have been visiting my blog regularly in hopes of seeing some new cartoons/posts. And finally school has started! And I love you my sexys!



About Johnne

Jonathan is the name but just call me Johnne.


  1. debraaa

    woooo~ Gotta be on top!!

  2. Yes!
    Johnne’s Next Top Model

  3. huiqun

    can crop up our pic and paste to the group photo?
    i want to be one of the sexaeyy=(

  4. Hahaha, next time add you in LOR!

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