652 Words; My Fertility Treatment Artwork

I have something interesting that I thought I should share. It’s a really long post full of text. So if you hate reading, skip this post. For the first time, I’m actually posting my Reflection Journal (My assignment daily whenever I have classes) here. This is because I thought the question is really interesting and I somehow really like my response to it. So I thought I should share if you are keen to read.



Reflection Journal Question: Using only your body, propose how you would “paint” an emotion of your choice.


My Submission: As I’m not daring enough, I wouldn’t resort to cutting myself like Franko B just to paint an artwork. Instead of inflicting pain on myself, I would do the opposite. Pleasure myself. However, I don’t think people will see my artwork as pleasure.


In my artwork, I would showcase the struggle of making life happen. I’ve seen many couples on television trying so hard just to bring a life of their own into this world but often to no avail. I’ve also read a couple of novels and articles on conceiving babies. It’s sad to see these desperate struggles.


The artwork of mine would take place in a room. All white. Baby posters would be pinned up in a uniformed manner surrounding against the four walls. A white table would be situated on the center of the room. Books on parenthood would be stacked onto one another at the top left side of the table. I would say five. Opposite the entrance of the door towards the artwork, the science equipments use to make the fertility treatment happen would be placed there at the side. If I’m not mistaken, the name of the treatment is “Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)”.


With the set up, an erotic magazine, lubricant and a test tube to store the semen requiring for the fertility treatment would be placed on the white table. This is when my body comes in. But before it actually does happen, I would imagine that I have acquired the body of Brad Pitt’s due to the intensive three months hard work in the gym. And so, I would be naked. Naked, showing only the process of making the fertility treatment happen by getting semen out of my system and into the test tube.


Every audience is entitled only to thirty seconds to absorb what is taking place. They have to be at least eighteen to enter, twenty one for certain countries. But I would prefer having people of a more mature age, or someone mature enough to understand the artwork. I want to invoke the struggle for parenthood, desperateness, the love for children, life, and sense of appreciation in them. Nothing brings more of an instant smile to your face than seeing the face of your precious little one. I want people to love children. I want people to know how hard life is for certain parents wannabes out there. Therefore, this is what my artwork is about. Therefore, I hope I’ll be able to “paint” all these emotions across to them via my artwork.




Of course this is just what I thought I would do if I ever have the guts or courage but I doubt it will happen as I’m really a shy guy deep down inside. Haha. I’ll be amazed if actually someone bothers to read this whole chunk of text. If you actually did read what I posted here, why not share with me your thoughts on this? And thank you, I really appreciate it if you actually read the whole thing (:


And I hope my Reflection Journal doesn’t get me into trouble as I have no intentions of making this whole thing as a joke. It’s just an artwork which I thought of when I saw the Reflection Journal question to help speak out for individuals out there going through this hardship.


About Johnne

Jonathan is the name but just call me Johnne.


  1. xuefang

    sorry lah. cause livejournal the comments button is at the end. didn’t go and notice it. lol!

  2. Hahaha, don’t show off that you use livejournal okay!

  3. debraaa

    wow. it’s great,i like u bloggin’ your ideas and thoughts. Ur art is awesome as well but being a lil personal nv hurts. love!

  4. Aww, thanks Debra 🙂 You’re the sweetest and the best! Heh! I miss you girl!

  5. xuefang

    no. i don’t use livejournal. haha!

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