June 25th

I’m so hungry. It’s already three a.m. in the morning and I’m just hours away from school. Hopefully I’ll be able to wake up for it.


So, not very long ago, I went to Vivocity with Yingying, Ben, and Amanda! My year one semester one classmates! I miss them so much and the three of them have made the effort to meet up (:


Anyway, I got myself a new novel from PageOne in Vivocity but it would take me months to finish the book. I’m a very busy man. Haha! 



I don’t know if including pictures here in my blog would be weird ‘cus somehow it seems to me that the images just don’t go well with my cartoonish blog. I hope the domain is still okay for your eyes despite including pictures taking away the full cartoon effect. I just thought I should make my blog a little more personal like I said earlier in some post below. Heh.



About Johnne

Jonathan is the name but just call me Johnne.


  1. Hey you green ranger !
    Link me up !
    Interesting post …

  2. xuefang

    your rj is damn hilarious. imagine how would effandy reply you. LOL! Mine i only said i will stuff myself with food. LOL!

  3. Ben, when I’m free! Haha
    Xuefang, comment on wrong area lah! Hahaha.

  4. passerby

    Hey johhnie, i was just wondering all those illustrations that you have in your entries, how did you make them? by using photoshop or from a website?

  5. Hey there 🙂
    I actually use Illustrator to create all my artwork. You should try it, it’s really good.

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