Happy Birthday Yuwen!

23rd July 2008 – Yuwen’s Birthday!

Hope you like the presents I sent (:



So we went Spizza for some pizzas and for the cake cutting session. I thought the pizzas were okay. I prefer Canadian’s pizzas though. 2 for 1 mah!


The Sexys who went to celebrate Yuwen’s Birthday!


Yuwen: Tsk! I’m nineteen, not ten years old!



Yeah yeah! Time to make my birthday wish!


Yuwen: I wish Johnne will always be so handsome! I wish Debra’s dimples will become much more wicked than before. I wish Huiqun will become Ah Juan. I wish Kenneth will not spend so much time in Watson anymore. I wish Huizhi will become playgirl. I wish Lianya will marry Angmoh. I wish Peiying will keep dancing and spinning round and round and round. I wish Yingrui will buy me a big house like hers. I wish Jacqueline will get married soon.



Don’t worry Yuwen, your wishes will come true on me. HAHA!



And so we were still hungry, so we went to Shilin to grab some more food. If I get 100SGD allowance everyday just to spend on food, I’d be very happy! Kenneth’s ambition is to be a deliveryman for Shilin because he needs to master Shilin Delivery Skills before he can master the Shaolin Kung Fu skills!



There, ladies and gentlemen, I don’t know what else to post. Maybe you guys should head over to Yuwen’s blog and wait for her to post about her birthday. I’m pretty sure it’d be much more image intensive as compared to here as uploading pictures and filling them into post is very tedious.


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Jonathan is the name but just call me Johnne.

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