From Me, This Is For You Too.

Love was such a cliché

It only result you in dismay


Beautiful written love songs make no sense

And they all appear to me back then as pretense


Adding my two cents worth to all my fellas

All they said was I am just jealous


No doubt, indeed I was.



There we are dancing

And we started glancing


You then moved over slowly

I was like holy!


You stepped in my life at the right time

And everything we do, just chime


They might give you all those labels

But what they say to me is just all fables


At my decision they might sigh

I know my senses never ever lie

Whatever they say to me doesn’t imply

So Baby, forever let me be your guy


I realized that love is no longer a cliché

And beautiful love songs relate me to you every single day


I used to think promising eternity was phony

That’s all because I was really very lonely


So Baby, this I swear,

I love you always,

Till the end of time


About Johnne

Jonathan is the name but just call me Johnne.


  1. debraaa

    i reckon it went pretty well that day! =D

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