Love Divine

Hair breezing along with the wind

Newspapers and magazines

Gluing ourselves to café seats

Having cigarettes in between sips

I can just stay here from day to night

As long as you’re by my side

And allow me to gaze all day at those eyes

Doing so just puts me on cloud nine

You make me understood what’s love divine

And I know we’ll always remain intertwine


About Johnne

Jonathan is the name but just call me Johnne.


  1. Love.

    baby, i’m yours.
    forever and ever, sweetheart.

  2. debraaa

    so mushy! AAAAHHHHHH~

  3. Jas

    HEY i love your illustrations! they’re all so kiddy (ahem in a goOd way!) & cute. LOL pity only 1 was made into a wallpaper hMmmMMM~

  4. Haha, I’ll try to make more wallpapers when I’m free. Thank you, Jas.
    Hello Love and Debraaa, hahaha.

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