To: My Sexy Clique

Friendship is a term used to denote co-operative and supportive behavior between two or more people. In this sense, the term connotes a relationship which involves mutual knowledge, esteem, and affection and respect along with a degree of rendering service to friends in times of need or crisis. Friends will welcome each other’s company and exhibit loyalty towards each other, often to the point of altruism. Their tastes will usually be similar and may converge, and they will share enjoyable activities. They will also engage in mutually helping behavior, such as exchange of advice and the sharing of hardship. A friend is someone who may often demonstrate reciprocating and reflective behaviors. Yet for many, friendship is nothing more than the trust that someone or something will not harm them.

(Extracted from Wikipedia)


The above extract is so true when I think of you guys. I guess it would be better called true friendship instead of friendship. Friends like you guys are really hard and rare to come by. I’m lucky to have found you unique nine individuals. I’ll never know what the future brings, so I’m seizing this opportunity to tell you all that I really love you guys and I will do so until my last breath. I know I’ll be able to share my life with you guys until I’m old. Remember our old folks’ home promise? Haha.


I’m not being emotional. I just thought of you guys on my journey home. Okay, maybe I am. But there’s nothing wrong showing my affections for all of you. People would go on and on about their other half, I’d rather go on and on about you guys. I know I’m might sound disgusting to others but it’s none of their business if they think so and they’re probably jealous. Teehee!


I’m touched by how you guys would go the extra mile just to ensure any one of our safety. I love it whenever we spend our time together. I find it such a bliss whenever everyone is present for any occasions, festivals, and celebrations. It excites me whenever you guys come up with a plan for everyone even though sometimes it never happens. All of your hugs often remind me how lucky I am to have met you all. Every advice any of you generate, always make me feel better. All of your laughter never ever fail delivering me to cloud nine. The level of tolerance and acceptance you all have is amazing. And you all know I could go on and on at this. Maybe I’ll save it for International Friendship Day instead. (: Haha.


As I always say, words will never do our bonds any justice. So, I’ll stop. Heh.


About Johnne

Jonathan is the name but just call me Johnne.


  1. debraaa

    i love how u express urself in this one.awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

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