Baby Steps

On March 13th last year, I bought a tutorial/guide book for the program 3DS Max. Up till today, not a single page was flipped. It’s collecting dust. Sidetrack, I remember back in primary school days, I would get money from my mom to buy many books during the school book fair period. After the purchase, I would chuck the books aside and not read them. And back then, my ambition was to open a library. Haha.


Stumbled upon many talented designers’ and programmers’ websites, I’m envious. Everyone started from scratch, and through their diligence, they impressed many. Now, I really have to start flipping those pages of the book I bought a year ago. It cost me SGD85.55. So I really better stop procrastinating.




Grabbed a coffee and chilled at Starbucks today with Joanna and Huizhi. We came up with a lot of plans for the clique in the near future. And I’m really psyched! Can’t wait for our plans to happen, so all of my sexy people please start saving up okay! I really hope the plans we made will include ALL of us. We’ll fill you guys in on the details when everyone is present. (:



Site Update:

If you scroll down a little on your right, you might notice that I’ve added a search engine for my blog. Plus, I added a little Frankenstein icon to it. So now, it’ll be a little more convenient for me to source up entries that I would want to look at again.


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Jonathan is the name but just call me Johnne.

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